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The HAI Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS) is a voluntary program that helps helicopter operators reduce accident and incident rates by improving their safety culture. HAI, the trade association for the international helicopter community, developed HAI-APS to help participating businesses “fly to a higher standard” of safety and professionalism.

To become an HAI-APS accredited operator, you’ll need to demonstrate that your operations are in compliance with internationally accepted standards of safety and professionalism for helicopter operations. Learn more about the process to becoming accredited operator, watch this short video now.

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Included in Your IS-BAO Purchase

Your purchase will include the following:

  • A three-ring binder containing a printed copy of the IS-BAO standards
  • SMS Tools for Business Aircraft Operators, including a step-by-step process to develop and implement a safety management system (SMS) and related tools and references in both hard-copy and flash-drive format
  • A flash-drive containing a pdf copy of the standards that you ordered and a generic company operations manual in four common word-processing software programs, so you can develop an operations manual specific to your company.
    • As an option to using the MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe versions of the IS-BAO/HMSS Audit Standards, you can download our audit tool to assist and speed up your IS-BAO/HMSS audits. Simply select Purchase iAuditor Tool from the Accreditation drop down menu at the top of the page and follow the instructions. This tool makes yours audit much easier to complete, as well as share the results with company personnel and the auditor.

Included in HAI-APS Purchase

Your purchase will include the following: (Purchase, or prior purchase, of IS-BAO is required)

  • Web Access to:
    • The HAI-APS Program Manual
    • The HAI-APS Helicopter Mission-Specific Standards (HMSS)
    • The electronic safety program resource library
    • Free HAI consulting to assist your operation with IS-BAO & HAI accreditation
    • Cloud-Based iAuditor IS-BAO/HMSS audit templates (with paid annual subscription to iAuditor)

Additional Program Fees

libraryIn addition to purchasing the IS-BAO and HAI-APS manuals, you will need to pay for on-site audit. To ensure our members receive the lowest possible prices, we have established the following audit pricing guide. The auditors performing the IS-BAO and HAI-APS Audit will charge the operator directly for their time based on the size and complexity of your operation. The following price guide will be used when charging an operator for audit expenses. The cost is inclusive of all manual reviews, coordination, and the audit itself. Auditor travel and per diem allowances shall follow US Government GSA (Domestic USA) and US Department of State (foreign) guidelines and will be added to the final invoice to the HAI Regular Operating Member.

HAI reserves the right to adjust the fee based on special circumstances and will justify any deviations from the schedule accordingly.

Cost of HAI-APS Accreditation Program

Table 1: Total program cost (Inclusive all manual, third party audit, and any associated registration fees)

Total Estimated Operator Expenses Based on Size of Operator Total Estimated Cost for IS-BAO Registration & HAI-APS Accreditation (Initial Cost) Total Estimated 2-Year Recurrent Audit Expenses (Renewal Cost) Amount Operator should Allocate per Year to Maintain Accreditation Notes:
Small Operator $ 5,000 $ 3,800 $ 1,900 1-5 Helicopters & 1-3 Bases
Medium Operator $ 10,200 $ 9,000 $ 4,500 6-19 Helicopters &/or 4-8 Bases
Large Operator $ 13,200 $ 12,000 $ 6,000 20+ Helicopters &/or 9+ Bases

Table 2: Allocated Fees Paid to IS-BAO & HAI (Included in Table 1 Total Cost)

Required Program Expenses Initial Expense (Initial Audit) Estimated 2-YR Recurrent Audit Expenses (Renewal Cost) Amount Operator should Allocate Per Year to Maintain Accreditation Notes:
IS-BAO Manual $ 1,200 $ 0 $ 0 1 time Expense- Free Updates
IS-BAO Registration $ 750 $ 750 $ 375 Biennial Registration (3 Certificates)
HAI-APS Accreditation $ 250 $ 250 $ 125 Biennial Registration (3 Certificates and HAI-APS Plaque listing Years of Accreditation)
Fixed Price Audit Fees ** ** ** Fixed Auditor Billed Fees- See Chart Below

Table 3: Allocated 3rd Party Auditor Fees (Included in Table 1 Total Cost)

Operator Size # Auditors # Days
Fixed Audit Expense Estimated Auditor Airfare Estimated Federal Per Diem Rate (Hotel/Meals) Total Estimated Auditor Expense (Billed by and Paid to Auditor)
Small ($2,800 Paid to Auditor) 1-5 Helicopters & 1-3 Bases 1 1 $ 1,500 $ 1,000 Per Diem Rates $2,500 + Per Diem Rates
Medium ($8,000 Paid to Auditor) 6-19 Helicopters &/or 4-8 Bases 2 1-2 $ 6,000 $ 2,000 Per Diem Rates $8,000 + Per Diem Rates
Large: ($11,000 Paid to Auditor) 20+ Helicopters &/or 9+ Bases 2-3 2-3 $ 9,000 $ 2,000 Per Diem Rates $11,000 + Per Diem Rates

HAI reserves the right to adjust the fee based on special circumstances and will justify any deviations from the schedule accordingly.

NOTE: The flat rate pricing is applicable to operators that have completed an internal gap analysis, have current, and issued, manual guidance supporting each audit protocol, have provided manual citations and written descriptions for each audit question in the audit checklist, provided all manuals and completed audit checklists to the auditor at least 2 weeks prior to the audit, has ensured all company personnel identified by the auditor are available for interview the day of the auditors on-site audit, and no major audit findings are identified during the audit.

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After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase, and the standards will be mailed to you within five business days. An HAI staff member will follow up within two weeks to help you begin your journey toward “flying to a higher standard.”

Questions? Contact hai-aps@rotor.org.