HAI Authorized Auditors / Internal Company Auditors

To ensure HAI maintains the highest standards in its APS Accreditation Program, HAI conducts all initial, and annual recurrent, training and certification of its authorized auditors. While not required, the APS Auditor training is also open to personnel of organizations seeking IS-BAO / HAI-APS Accreditation to help ensure the organization maintains ongoing compliance with the program standards.

Become an Auditor

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How to use the iAuditor program

Benefits of HAI-APS and IS-BAO

  • Operators can meet EASA Part NCC requirements with IS-BAO (Download Brochure)
  • Enhance operational safety through predictive and proactive methods
  • Improve safety culture with implementation via teams
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness through an integrated SMS
  • Enhance ability to measure safety performance
  • Reduced rates / enhanced support from insurance providers (see USAIG and Global)

Thanks to the contribution of experts from HAI, IHST, and EHEST, IS-BAO is compatible for helicopter operations since 2012.

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